The ringing sound of the alarm pulled me out of my wonderful dream. A dream I can’t remember what it was all about, I just have this sense that it was exciting, wonderful, and peaceful. I try to fight the sound of the alarm by pressing my eyes close, but it only made me more awake. Resigning to fate, I pulled myself up from the bed and picked up my phone to put off my alarm.

Leave the House to the airport: Flight leaves in 1 hour

The note on my alarm made me alert and fully awake. Shit! I am going to miss my flight. I haven’t packed my bag. I got back very late yesterday so I was too tired to prepare for the flight.

I rushed out of bed into the shower for a quick bath, it doesn’t matter if I’m not clean so long as I am fresh enough to go.

Oh! The excitement churning in my heart Amanda is going to be so surprised. I thought to myself

I’m going to get her the AFOR SCULPTURE by IVANS ONYILO to complete the collection for her art gallery and during the gallery opening I am going to her ask her to marry me. We’ve been dating for over a year, and she is the kind of woman I want on my arm. She is classy, elegant, and well spoken. Although, she is a little bit high maintenance, “But hey, I can afford her” I said as I winked to myself in the mirror.

I have come a long way from my chubby high school self. Replaced those fat for abs and muscle, increased my social circle, by having lots of money. Money can get you anything. Even the ability to trash the hottest girl on campus who told me I was the last guy she would date. Jokes on who now.

I hope I am not late for my flight, well, I don’t want to miss the auction.


Nigeria is such a beautiful place, a little rough around the edges, but indeed a pleasant place with wonderful people. The auction was successful, but I was captivated by the beauty of the Lagos, most especially the beauty of the auctioneer. “Tola” her name is so simple, but the interpretation of the name is so superb “Omotolani” Something about the way she spoke was intriguing and the way she moved was wugh so alluring. I’ve heard about Nigerian women are all down with one-night stands, glitz, and glamour. Well not just Nigerian women, every woman. Money makes things go round. LoL.

I wanted to see what curves lie beneath that dinner dress she was wearing.

Grabbing two glasses of champagne, I aimed for her, walking to her.

“Hello” I said putting on my sexy smile

“Hello, Mr Shaw” she was very polite and formal. Well, that would change soon. Sly fox lol

“Excellent auction and I must say you look very gorgeous in this dress”

“Thank you. I am glad you were able to purchase your piece” she said

“Yes, I am, and I would like to celebrate” I said creating an opening to invite her out.

“We thought of that, hence the after party for the buyers” she cuts in before I could finish my statement “if you would excuse me, a guest seeks my attention” she took two steps before turning back to me “Do enjoy yourself and welcome to Nigeria” she turned away and walked up to another guest without a second glance.

Damn! I must be rusty or something, because “what?”

I pulled out my phone from side pocket dialing my secretary “Amanda, move my flight to tomorrow, and get me a reservation, I would be sleeping over”

“ok” Amanda said puzzled over the phone “sir, the pilot”

“it’s my damn jet, get it done”

“Ok, sir. Is everything okay” she said confused, she is practically used to my mood swings

“Yes, and thank you” I said to make up for snapping at her

“Alright, I would forward the information to your phone” she said, and I trust she would get it done. She is that efficient

Ending the call. I took another look at Tola,



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