Age is Just A Number-Part 7

Bolade came to the rescue, (I think) by saying “Okay since you all know each other, this should be easy. Bayo, Idunu, meet Folashade, she the lady I am head over heels in love with and I want to marry her

“what” we all shout in Unison.

I completely forgot the awkward situation we were in and I immediately turned to face Bolade. “Sweetheart we didn’t talk about this,” I said confused because, we had never talked of marriage apart from it being a fantasy and well, I wouldn’t have announced it in this fashion.

“Dad, marry her wow,” Idunu said not able to hide her feeling of surprise from her tone.

“Are you joking?” Bayo said, in anger or disbelief, I couldn’t read his face or tone

But I was feeling all of those feelings, I was excited he wanted to marry me, surprised he could make it just a casual announcement in this awkward situation and angry Bayo was angered by it like I wasn’t good enough for his father or what? And I couldn’t believe I was in this situation right now.

“Yes, you have been disturbing me to date and marry someone and I am fortunate that the person I finally found is not a stranger to you, I call it a win-win” Bolade said

Only Bolade would feel and see the positivity in this situation because all we saw were issues on layers of confrontation and frank talk.

“I can’t believe this” Bayo said finally and walked away from all of us.

“We have so much to catch up on,” Idunu said while talking my arm and pulling me to sit “like first tell me what you are thinking dating someone old enough to be your father.”

I was scared I thought she was angry as well and factually; I knew I couldn’t deal with all this. I was ready to deal with his children, ready to be polite and simple, ready to get to know them, but I wasn’t ready for Idunu.

In this situation, I expected a lot of things, but what I did not expect was Idunu being calm. It threw me off balance.

“So, tell me, what drew you to my father, I can’t say he is fit, he’s handsome quite alright, but well the grey hair is all over him, so what drew you to him and wow, you are dating my father, that’s a whole lot to process,” Idunu said laughing at the same time shooing her father away with hands gestures.

“Well, it wasn’t love at first sight…” I said trying to make things light

“Wow, you wound me Folashade,” Bolade said placing his palm on his chest feigning weakness from heart pain

“Dad this is ladies talk get going” standing up to push her father away

“Ok, I’m going” grabbing Idunu in a hug “Be nice, she is special”

“I can see that dad,” Idunu said kissing her father on the cheeks. Bolade let go of her, he blew me a kiss and I just stared silently as I watched him strode away. He can be so playful at times.

Idunu turned to me, “ok I’m all ears… give me the full list”

I told Idunu, how I met her father and how stalked me. Talking to her I forgot it was her father we were talking about, we chatted like old times, we laughed about awkward moments, like the day I saw him shirtless. It was so much fun together.

“Oh, Folashade, I miss you, let’s be sure not to be far from each other, well that’s not a possibility since you would be joining the family soon”

“Are sure you are okay with me dating your father?” I ask sternly because I wanted to get a clear read on how she felt and where I stood with her.

“Heck yes, forgetting the age difference which is your stuff to deal with” she chuckled “but seriously, I don’t think there is anyone better suited for my father. From the way you were talking about him, it shows you love him very much and he adores you. Folashade, losing my mother was tragic, but watching my father in so many years cling to her memory, existing without really living, hurts more than that. Seeing him just now being playful and content brings me so much joy. When he told me he was dating someone, I knew he was serious about it. Because, he had gone out with several women, but he never told me about it, I just found out or guessed, but he calls me to tell me about you. You are special to him and honestly, talking to you I can sense you are still the same person from school, with your kind heart and simple lifestyle.”

I was so touched; I didn’t know when I started to tear up

“There is no need to cry and be dramatic,” Idunu said to lighten the mood and it did the trick be because we laughed

“Thank you so much Idunu,” I said wiping the tears from my cheeks “I was scared about meeting Bolade’s family, sorry your father, I mean meeting you”

“I can imagine, and you don’t have to be confused as to what to call him. He is Bolade to you and he is father to me, nothing spoil” she said

We both laughed

“Thank you for making this easy for me Idunu”. I held her hand hoping they channel my feelings of gratitude to her

“You are welcome, well, But I must warn you, things won’t be easy with Bayo,” Idunu said “but I’ve got your back”

“Well, I know, seeing him so angry,” I said recollecting the way he stormed out of the sitting room.

“Folashade, you can’t blame him, finding out that the girl of your dreams is dating your father, mehn, that would hurt,” she said so playfully, I couldn’t help but laugh.

“You know, it took him a while to stop comparing ladies he met to you,” Idunu said going to the bar to pick up a bottle of wine.

“Really?” I said and by default, I opened the shelf for wine glasses and brought out two. She smiled at me and went ahead pouring for the wine.

“You knew he had a crush on you, didn’t you?”

“Yes, I did, but he wasn’t what I wanted in a guy,” I said shyly

“Of course, what you wanted was grey and winkled,” Idunu said refereeing to her father

“He is not that old, and I like him just the way he is, like fine wine, takes better with age” I defended

“Glad you like me like that” Bolade said breaking into our conversation, I didn’t notice He and Bayo had entered the sitting room. They both had a man-to-man conversation after they left because Bayo seemed a little more approachable.

“Hi,” I said to him trying to gauge his annoyance level

“Hi,” Bayo said, walked up to me and hugged me “sorry I acted the way I did, it was a tough pill to swallow”

“I understand” I did understand so it was a moot point pretending.

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  1. Next episode already please! Should we start preparing for asoebi?. . . #BOFO22. Interesting read! Please, don’t keep us waiting too long

  2. Wow! I can’t wait to read the next part. I was expecting yet not expecting the twist.
    It was so worth the wait.

    Do quick abeg and upload the next episode.

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