Age is Just A Number-Part 5

Met The Kids

It has been three months now. Three months of bliss, three months of warmth, three months of joy and happiness, three months of wondering how lucky I am and how fortunate I am to have met Bolade. He has been amazing, we have been dining out every weekend for the last three months. From one restaurant to VIP lounges. We even went to a party club. I can’t forget the way his eyes lit up with fear, worry and excitement at the same time when we step into the club. When I suggested we go to the club, he thought I was talking about his club, he had no idea It was a dancehall type of club.

We had so much fun. Oh, I remembered when I forced him to genesis as well. He was mortified, we usually watched movies in his inbuilt home theatre. But I got bored of that actually and wanted to step out and watch movies. He ended up throwing all his popcorn at me. Great times and great memories too. Seeing him carefree and young sometimes warms my heart.

The scariest time was when I had to host a dinner party for him, he was so warm and helpful because I felt so out of my element. I never went to a lady’s finishing school and all the knowledge I possessed on etiquette was from internet search and royal movies. It was fun and stressful organizing the dinner, but mostly quite rewarding when it was all a success. I even got an amazing gold bracelet with five diamonds placed on it as a gift for being an excellent host. It was beautiful. It was his little reward joke with me, I remember the look on his face when he gave the bracelet to me saying, “you get a five star for a wonderful dinner”.

All in all, it has been the most fun ever, but everything became threatened when he informed me his children would be coming for the Christmas holiday and he wanted to introduce me to them.

Different types of fear came rushing in. The children and I are in the same peer group and I have watched enough movies and read enough books to tell me that things never go smoothly when the new woman meets the grown-up children.

Christmas was supposed to be fun. But I am apprehensive with the anxiety of having to mix with his children. The truth is I never thought of the future. I have been enjoying the moment with Bolade, I didn’t think of tomorrow or what comes after this enjoyment.

I have never been married and I would like to be married someday and the thought of competing with Bolade’s children for him is enough to knock me off my socks.

Yes, I like him but getting introduced to his children is another thing entirely. So, I made a decision within myself that when the moment comes, I would be myself, accept me or not, I would be myself and nothing else. Let them get to know the real me.

It was their annual family Christmas dinner, just Bolade and his Children. It was a tradition they started after his wife died, just to keep them close to each other. I felt that was too much of an intimate moment to stage an introduction, but Bolade kept insisting that it was the perfect moment. I particularly found it intrusive, but it was either this dinner or the general family dinner with the entire Clan. Which was very risky, I had to get his children on my side, before facing the family. Yes, I was to meet the whole extended family as well.

I arrived early so as not to seem rude, I knocked on the door and it was opened by a gorgeous lady very clean. Freshly manicured from what I can see. Natural hair flowing to her waist. No make up just lipstick. Slender figure, but she was tall with the right curves to compliment her height. She looks very familiar.

Wait, Idunu?

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