Age is Just A Number-Part 6

“Shade” she said


Idunu and I went to the same university and attended the same fellowship. She was in the Prayer department and I was in the Welfare department. We had bonded over fellowship meetings but were separated by NYSC, work and then life. Last I heard of her she had gotten married and moved out of the country.

It was such a shock and a pleasure to see her and by the look on her face, the feeling was mutual

“Caretaker!” She screamed the nickname I went by during our university days; it was lovely she had remembered and I screamed “Firecracker!” which was her nickname. She pulled me into a hug. We were both laughing hard at the shock and joy of meeting each other again.

It was pure joy; well, it was until Bolade showed up at the entryway trying to investigate the screaming.

“Hey Folashade, you have arrived? Wait what is going on? You two know each other?” he looked confused. Idunu became confused as well, but it was getting to dawn on me. Looking at Idunu’s appearance, she’s dressed comfortably, inhouse slippers, shorts and slip top.

Oh, gosh no, she is Bolade’s daughter

“Yes, we do, we went to school together” confused Idunu decided to answer Bolade’s question “how do you know each other?” she turned to her father

“She is the lady I wanted to introduce to you over dinner,” he said so casually, so apparently, he had spoken to Idunu about me and she was excited to meet the lady his father was dating and now we are all standing in awkwardly in the entryway. Idunu God bless her soul broke the awkwardness, by inviting me in.

We entered the main living room and therein lies the second bomb, if Bolade was Idunu’s father, Bayo, Idunu’s brother would be Bolade’s son as well. Can’t this just go any easier on me? Why didn’t I request to see any family pictures for the last three months we were dating? I was just enjoying the moments of being with him, that I didn’t probe further than what he said.

“Hi Folashade, what are you doing here,” Bayo said standing up from the couch he was sitting on and moving swiftly to hug me. “it’s been ages,” he said laughing “So, you and Idunu reconnected and you couldn’t bother to contact me?” he went on without leaving room for us to speak

Bayo has always been this way. The ‘talkative’ as we call him, behind him of course. If not, we were on our own when it comes to lifting things during service. He has been strongly built right from his teenage years. And least I forget, he has also been crushing on me since we were in the university. He requested I date him a few times back then, but I turned him down, he was more on less a friend to me. I didn’t have any other kind of feelings towards him. He was 2 years old than Idunu and me.

Gosh, why is this happening to me? I finally meet someone I am excited about and here come all the thorns. Once again, Idunu help my mute paralysis and she answered Bayo.

“Bayo, Folashade is actually, dad’s lady friend. The one we are to meet today, during diner” she said while trying too hard to hold back the laughter building within her from the look on Bayo’s face. I can only imagine what he must be thinking.

“Wait, what?” Bayo sputtered.

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