Play a song of hope
Play a song that casts out
Play a song that connects to the father.

The music of worship
To the alter of praise
Where fore we sing
We are captives freed.

We sing because we have breath
We sing because we have life
We sing because we remember all the benefits
We sing because it is what we have.

A new song we render
For each grace tendered
But when the music stops,

We are to sing with timbres and harps
With an instrument of ten strings
We play our songs
We make him glad.

Glad he created us
Glad we know him
Glad we be grateful
Glad he will do more.

Our strings, our notes
Our voice, our hope
We don’t stop
The strings don’t break

Where fore what else do we have to offer
He doesn’t eat, or the best chef has it
He does drink, or the mixologist have it
All we have is our song.

Our song of hope and
our instrument of worship.

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