My God, My friend My LOVE

I never thought it was going to be smooth,
Nobody told me I would hurt,
Nobody told me sometimes I would want to give up.

Some things I used to have, I crave
Some habits I love, I loose
Some people I talk to no longer want to talk.
Some times I cry out loud,
Some times I just break down inside,
Some times I’m confused
Some times I’m totally lost.
Some days I don’t want to continue the journey,
Some days I look back and do the wrong things knowingly,
Some days I do wrong things ignorantly because my cravings has gone wild,
Some days I repent, some days I don’t,

But look at it again,
it’s not smooth, but he walks with me,
It hurts, but he’s always there to comfort me,
I almost gave up, but he held me,
Craved for old things, but he fills me with new things,
Had to give up bad habits, but it drew people closer,
Those that didn’t talk to me only envied me,
I cried, but he wiped my tears,
I broke down inside, he mends my heart and makes me whole again with his love,
I was confused! But he gave me insight and understanding through his WORD,
I was totally lost, but to him I guess I wasn’t because he found me,
Days I couldn’t continue, he carried me,
Days I did wrong things he felt so sad and hurt,
Days I repent, he forgave me, slapped me on the wrist and we continued in love.
I wonder why I would ever want to leave this sweet relationship filled with love and affection, grace and comfort.

One quick question,
Why aren’t you with him?
He loves having friends, especially beautiful ones like you!

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