A virtuous Woman is a Leader.

As a Leader, you do not Crave any Intoxication of any thing at any level.

You do not do things that would numb your mind and judgment.

Your sound mind and judgment is what makes you a leader.

Your spirit must search for justice for others.

Your speech should centralise on others, because you are not placed in that position for yourself.

To be a virtuous woman, you must have dedication and determination, because only few are privileged to have such influence.

You have to know your worth is higher than material things.

You have to be Reliable and Trustworthy.

You have to have in abundance of all spheres of life (Mentally, Spiritually, emotionally, financially, socially and intellectually) to affect people positively.

You have to be Hard working and Resourceful.

You have to know how to plan and apply Strategies.

Hosea14:16- This is not about going to the market, but about knowing your needs from your wants and also utilising what you have properly to be fruitful.

You do not embark on a mission if you know it is not wise.

You must bear in mind that other must benefit from your actions.

You have to be helpful, compassionate and charitable.

You have to be able to beautify yourself and keep yourself clean

Your partner should express you are. “Behind every great man, there is a greater woman”.

You must have faith and self respect.

Watch what you say and do not judge people, but correct with love.

You must be observant and watchful, you must not be lazy.

Your immediate family should be able to testify about you.

You must fear the Lord GOD and he would renew your youth and strength.

Let your works speak for you and your attitude and character declare who you are.

…For such a time as THIS…

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