Awesome God

I sit in the sun, my skin tanning evenly,
Suddenly clouds gathers, thunder strikes and I wonder, why?

In the midst of my ever present confusion, I have an understanding and hope that all is well and I wonder how?

In the midst of my fight and self strive, salvation came and I wonder, why?

In the midst of all trouble, I see a hope for tomorrow and I wonder, how?

In the darkness of my ways even after the mood ran away, a light shines on my path to guide me. Why?

In the midst of my unforgiving style towards others, I am still forgiven, why?

In the midst of my hatred, I am loved. Why?

For a life full of darkness, disrespect and ungratefulness, he still died for it all the same! Why?

A worthless life to me, he called precious! How?

Seriously, I’m puzzled, but, I’ll take it, I’ll take what he gives for free! Because i know my dues can never be enough to pay it all.

Worth more than all my dues, once and for all he paid it all!!! HOW?!


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